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An Insight into the Program and What to Expect


Learn Foundational tools needed to regain Confidence in your eating again

If you are looking to ditch the diet life for good, then you are in the right place. I offer nourishment care plan to help you meet your goals and feel good doing so. 

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Nourish With Love

 week Program

Personalized nutrition support that fits your needs
Bi-monthly Group session support
 (video call)
Self Pace Recorded modules to continue to build your nutrition confidence
Additional 1:1 support for members needing more support on their journey
Over 5000 RD approved recipes for you to choose from
Food and mood journal logging with feedback
Exclusive Facebook group with members for encouragement and support and bi-weekly check ins (You are not alone)

This program will help you:

Understand your body's needs with confidence
Heal your relationship with all foods (no restrictions!).
Feel comfortable with having triggered foods at home.
Reduce intense cravings
Trust your body again
Feel energized, reduce cholesterol and bloating, and prevent health related diseases

Stop binging and feeling guilty about food
Learn to balance both nourishment and joy with eating 
Shift your mindset about food and your body

Most importantly never start a diet again.


I can’t recommend her nutrition program enough! Noor is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I have learned things from her course that will help me for a lifetime. I was tired of diet culture and struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Noor has helped me achieve my goals and find balance! She is the BEST, hands down!!

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