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What Clients are saying..
They found their freedom and so can you!


I had an amazing nutrition journey with Noor. She was always available to answer questions, guide me through my slumps and bring me back up. If I tried to disappear because of a failure she found me and taught me to find the positive in it and to turn it around. Healthy nutrition is definitely an ongoing journey and life style change but I definitely got the proper foundation and understanding to continue progressing. Thank you Noor for all you efforts and guidance, truly grateful to you.

“My visit with RN LD Noor was excellent. She has so much helpful scientific information that is extremely beneficial! She is supportive and helpful. She took the time to hear me out and discuss ways to reach my goals while encouraging me to keep up the good work. I reccomend her to anyone is struggling with dieting and not getting results

M. Rabia

“My daughter has a great rapport with Noor! She is fun to work with and extremely knowledgeable!! I would highly recommend her!!”

A. Hardie

I extremely recommend working with Noor. She is an excellent, supportive, and knowledgeable dietitian! I loved how I was able to learn so many healthy habits and take it as a part of my daily routine. My family is benefitting from this too as they are all now more aware of the so many things and the meals I am preparing for the family are off better choices.
Also, Noor is very supportive. As soon as I post a question she would be right there to help out. In addition, she personalizes the advice depending on what you need, what you can and what you cannot do.
The handouts she gives are so helpful and informative; I love learning, and her videos inspire and teach a lot!I would definitely recommend her working with Noor!


It has been a pleasure to have Nour as my coach! I cannot express the amount of care and support I felt. Nour took the extra care and steps to hold my hand through this journey, whenever I felt I beat myself up, she lifted me up and gave me the encouragement through her words, expertise, and resources she shared. I would send her pictures while I was at the grocery store and she would would respond to every query, and gave me great suggestions. She help me put a plan together that fitted my lifestyle and goals.

I am a busy mom of 5 and don't have time to think about preparing meals just for myself, but Nour made it so easy and fun. I was able to enjoy food with my family. I was able to make great healthy food choices when i went out to eat with my friends, or attend gatherings. Its a gentle way of coaching, this is NO Diet-Fad! It's practical. Can you believe she helped me change my mind set about carbs!! Breads, pastas and rice are not bad... what?? I was shocked that I could enjoy eating potatoes.
If I told you that you could still enjoy eating the foods that you loved, schedule self care, exercise and make an amazing new friend in a coach... wouldn't you want that too!!

I am blessed to Have Nour guide me, laugh with me, and help set realistic and reachable goals. There is no denying your body foods, it's all about the my-plate step and many more great plans.

I love how you are part of a community on the facebook group and can share ideas, support each other, and celebrate wins... which is not all about the scale ladies! You get to meet on zoom and share your journey with other women with the same mind-set and achieving our goals!

I love how Nour has brought in a fitness expert to deal with exercise, body strengthening. You literally have all you need in 1 program.
you get to have 1 on 1 calls too!

I would recommend thenProgram to anyone who is sick of dieting, and denying yourself foods you like, not being able to enjoy eating out with the family because you are on a strict diet.

Go for it!! Take the step to a better, healthier body, mindset and positive outlook on life!

M. Farooqui

I can’t recommend her nutrition program enough! Noor is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I have learned things from her course that will help me for a lifetime. I was tired of diet culture and struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Noor has helped me achieve my goals and find balance! She is the BEST, hands down!!

N. Martin

Noor is an excellent dietitian and her approach when working with clients is one of encouragement and not judgement. She teaches how to build a balanced meal and helps clients understand their bodies’ needs in a way that feels intuitive and fosters a healthy, guilt-free, relationship with food.

S. Al-Madani

Noor was a breath of fresh air. Not only is she full of information and knowledge; her approach is gentle, kind and genuine.
In my world I have always been surrounded around food and had built a love hate relationship with it over the years. After moving away from working in the commercial kitchens, getting married and having 2 boys (one being very particular with his foods) I needed to get myself together and lose weight but most importantly I really wanted to clear the fog of what is truly healthy for our bodies. It was so easy to get confused with all the marketing out there. Following her direction and absorbing her advice I began to feel the difference and understand how our bodies are best nourished. I lost weight, felt less irritable, my self confidence returned, and my son tried new food combinations that he actually enjoys! She also offers a program that creates your menu planning for you so when your too busy to think about it or too tired of eating the same you just wake up and your menu is done for the week. Just plug and play!
Even after some time I still have Noor’s words by my side in the kitchen and out in my everyday adventure with food. If your trying to find someone who actually cares and keeps you accountable and who is not pushy or sets you up with someone else that makes you feel like just a number in their business. Noor’s your girl!

T. Devito

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