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Leading Nourishing Lives  

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Meet Noor

Hi and welcome to Nourish with Noor. I am a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist with a passion to help my clients develop a stress free, nourishing, and positive relationship with food. I work with individuals of all ages and families who are dedicated in making changes to their diets and eating behavior. Through expertise, training, and scientific research backed by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, my clients will learn to lead a nourishing and positive outlook towards their diets. Please take some time to tour my website and find out if my program is right for you. Need more help deciding? Fill out my coaching application, and I will reach out to you soon to answer your questions.
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Let's Work Together

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 Nutrition Counseling Services for all ages
  • Infant Nourishment

  • Support with Selective Eater  

  • Disordered Eating and healing your relationship with all foods

  • Improving healthy eating habits

  • Heart Health

  • Grocery shop like a boss!

  • Let go of the diet wheel!

  • How to build a filling plate and satisfy your hunger

  • Take care of craving the gentle way!

  • Emotional eating support