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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about Nourish With Love Academy?

Nourish With Love Academy:

A step by step guide to healing your relationship with food, ditching diet culture, and working to honor your health while preventing diseases associated with poor food choices. This is a high level program that is very popular as it focuses on empowering you to make confident choices for your body's health without compromising your mental health (which extreme diets tend to do). My philosophy is we are all born as intuitive eaters (if born term and healthy). As babies we naturally cry when we are hungry and push away when we are full. How we are taught after that is where our natural instinct may be altered. We are told to either finish the plate or stop eating regardless of how we feel. We are left confused about trusting our own body cues. We may be favored more based on our appearance and not by our function. We could be under-eating and struggling with headaches, poor focus, low energy, poor eating habits but still praised because we look ideal to society's standards. Nourish with Love removes those standards and fear/shame  inducing rules and focuses on your health and eating habits that is unique to you. I focus on helping you find your best body that is energized, nourished, and thriving in life. I will empower you to clear the diet fog that has left so many of us feeling confused about what to eat, how to strengthen our body, and how to feel confident again. 

Nourish With Love Academy includes:

  • Personalized Nutrition Support ​that fits your needs (Assessment will be done at initial on boarding).

  • 1:1 support through a customized plan (I offer different plans to choose from: self paced plan with group coaching or 1:1 coaching). In order for me to help you decide the best plan for you, fill out the coaching application here. All plans will receive individualized counseling specific to you.

  • Live Group Support sessions given by Registered and Licensed Dietitian Noor with members like you twice/month (with recorded replays). These sessions are my member's favorite! They are round table style discussions with Q&A. The sessions help members dive deeper into challenging topics and I provide the needed counseling to help them address it once and for all.

  • Food and Mood Journaling support to help you through your intuitive eating practices.

  • Access to on-demand Q&A (through group or in private depending on plan).

  • Weekly Check ins for support and accountability.

  • Learning Modules for you to watch at your convenience with key concepts and life long skills to help you succeed. Concepts include how to build a balanced plate, how to heal from emotional eating, what foods can help you stay full longer, and how to read the food label when shopping. 

  • Access to Nourish Me Planner with over 5000 recipes for meal planning support. No idea what to cook, choose from my meal plan suggestions. 

How long do I need to commit and what is the policy if I need to cancel?

​Nourish With Love Academy is a 3 month (90 days) minimum membership commitment as this allows us to work together and make changes together gently and effectively. Many members choose to renew their membership after 3 months to continue to work together and acoomplish goals. A renewal discount is offered for members choosing to continue to work with me.

Can I choose to upgrade or downgrade my membership after joining?

The answer is yes and no. You can upgrade to the next level at anytime by letting me know and paying the difference. However you can downgrade in the Nourish With Love Academy once completing your 3 month membership. I want to make sure you receive all the support from the Academy that you need before choosing to move to the Nourish Me Planner (a group to support your habits). However if you feel confident and have reached your goals and would like to move into a sustainable supportive group to continue accountability and access to meal plan support, you can choose the Nourish Me Planner.

My culture/religion has food restrictions that I would like to continue to honor, would my preferences work in your memberships?


Absolutely! I teach the importance of honoring your body and cravings. That also includes knowing how to include and honor your unique cuisines and flavors. Nourish with Love Academy will teach you how to build a balanced energizing plate that fits your needs and preferences.


I am triggered with getting on the scale, will you be asking me to provide that?


No, providing your weight is optional and is not necessary for this program. I encourage you to move away from the scale and will help you heal your relationship with the scale too so it no longer triggers you. Counseling is providing in the Nourish With Love Academy.

I need help deciding which program is best for me.

Yes, I can help you with that. You can start by filling out the coaching application here and I will reach out shortly to discuss your best fit.

I am so busy and have no time to meal prep, attend sessions, journal...  but I really need help!

I am so happy you are here. I understand the struggles of time and commitment. My programs are designed for busy moms and working professional women. Most members who join have full time jobs and families and manage very well. Because of the nurturing aspect of the program, I am here to guide you through it while being supportive and providing you accountability. I also encourage my members to prioritize at least 5 hours/week to establishing the habits we learn in this program, that's doable! I teach my clients the importance of setting time for themselves and prioritizing their health in order for their life to run as smooth as possible. And there is no such things as too many questions in my program. My successful clients are the ones who ask the most questions!

I would love to join the Nourish With Love Academy, but group programs make me feel uncomfortable. Will I still get indiviual attention with you? 


The Nourish With Love Academy is a hybrid program, which means you receive 1:1 coaching and group coaching support. The best of both worlds! You'II find it comforting to know you are part of a community and find out that others also go through similar struggles and challenges. It is important to know that you are not alone. I encourage you to be open and be part of the experience, however listening and using the chat box can also be useful in the group. Many of my members learn new things from one another, you might find yourself relating and yelling "yes that's me too!!". You may even learn more about how your team members navigated her challenge and feel empowered to do the same. Our group sessions are fun and powerful! You don't want to miss it! The 1:1 Support are also fun and personalized to your style. I have members who prefer voice clipping or messages, while others prefer to meet in private for 1:1 video call. The awesome thing about my programs is that you have the ability to customize how you want to work with me. 

I don't like to journal my food and often times feel triggered by it as I used to track calories all the time. What is a Food and Mood Journal? 

A food and mood Journal helps you organize all your thoughts and your mood. You can also take pictures of what you are eating to keep track of your goals. We do not calorie count in this program. I teach you to rely on nutrient content and satisfaction as oppossed to counting calories. It is also another way for me to communicate with you in private to see how you're feeling and where we can improve on. For example: you felt extreme cravings late at night but then together we realized that your breakfast was not balanced and lacking in key nutrients. Or you find out that you are triggered by a particular emotions that cause you to emotional eat. This program is designed for you to get to know yourself at a deeper level and heal your core, so you come out stronger and self confident about how to take care of yourself better. Journaling is optional, you can do it as much or as little as you like.

Why is this program different than others?


There's a simple answer to that! Me! My relationship with my clients are close and high touch. My clients and I become friends during and after the program, because we build a close nurturing empowering relationship. I am here to make that impact for you and leave you feeling confident as ever. I have a community of women who want that, and you'll be happy to be part of this positive space. The experience is unique and personable. I lead with all my heart because I am proud of this program and the impact it has brought to many around the world.  

Can I join from anywhere?

Absolutely! As long as you have working internet you are good to go!

Do you offer a discount?


Yes, if you choose to pay in full for the 3 months (Nourish with Love Academy), then a discount will be applied. Discounts are also applied to renewals. This will be discussed in more details once you fill out the application.

How much does the Academ​y cost to join?​

Great question, I love the flexibility of how I can help people because I can come up with a great plan at a few different investment levels. Your plan is determined based on where you would best succeed. Fill out the coaching application here​ and I will help find the best plan for you. I also offer flexible payment plans for clients on a budget. 

I have worked with you before and would like to rejoin the program to continue my progress, am I able to join?


Absolutely! Depending on how recent or no so recent you have joined, a re-assessment will need to be done. Any returning members are offered a discount for re-joining. Just my way to say welcome back, and I am excited to be working with you again! 

Perfect, how do I get started?

Fill out the coaching application here to get started, and I will reach out with more information. Memberships are open all year unless otherwise stated. Depending on the available spots, you can be enrolled right away. 

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